Recycling and Refuse


REGULAR HOURS  WED 1pm-6pm  SAT 9am - 3 pm  

The Transfer Station is located on 32nd Street, Gobles, Mich,  just north of the Fire Department

Effective January 1, 2022, Pine Grove Township implemented a new fee schedule for use of the Pine Grove Recycle Center/Transfertation Station

Beginning January 1, 2022 if you are a Pine Grove Township property owner and you wish to recycle, please obtain a Pine Grove Township Recycling Ticket Annual Property Owner's card from the Pine Grove township office or the attendants at the Recycle Center/Transfer Station (show your driver's license or property tax ID slip).  This will be FREE for Pine Grove Township property owners and will be effictive 1-1-22 to 12-31-22.  You must obtain a new card each year.

NON-PROPERTY OWNERS may pay $50 for a Pine Grove Township Recycling Ticket Annual Non-Property Owner.

Recycle Center/Transfer Station Fee Schedule.pdf


All plastics (1-7), glass and cans need to be empty and clean

No Single Use Plastic Bags

Magazines and Papers need to be bagged or boxed.  They do not go in the cardboard bin.

Egg Cartons may be placed in the same room as Magazines/Paper on table

Cardboard must be cut into no larger than 2 foot x 2 foot sheets