Building and Zoning- Zoning Administrator for Pine Grove Township

For electrical, mechanical, plumbing and building permits please contact;

KABA (Kalamazoo Area Building Authority)

2322 Nazareth Road
Kalamazoo, MI   49048


Office: 269-216-9511

Fax: 269 673-9583


2021 PGT Land Division Application.pdf

2021 PGT Boundary Adjustment Application.pdf

2021 PGT Combination Application.pdf

Pine Grove TWP Ordinance Interpretation-Zoning Verification.docx

Pine Grove TWP Variance Request.docx

Pine Grove TWP Planning and Zoning Application.doc



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Pine Grove Zoning Adminastrator, Bear Priest 269-350-4285 

Pine Grove Township Zoning Board of Appeals
(this board meets as needed)
Thomas Hephner
Ed Hill, Chair
Jesse Richardson


Zoning/Ordinace/Blight complaints: